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2003 Gibson RB250 Banjo

Kevin B

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Wonderful flathead sound. I didn't understand what everyone meant in describing the traditional banjo Gibson sound as "dry" until I got this banjo. Good projection, tone and volume the entire length of the fret board. The intonation is very accurate.



I love the classic look of the reddish mahogany, retro type style 3 inlay and nickel plating. The ebony board is beautiful and one of the things that drew me to the RB 250. I prefer an ebony fret board. The workmanship and detail is great!



Everything seems solid and should last a lifetime with proper care. The RB 250 has the same pot assembly as the best Gibsons, (3 ply maple rim, quality hardware, selected woods), I like it all. I was slow to warm up to the Presto tailpiece but have come to love the sound.



I think this is all the banjo I will ever need. My banjo teacher in college played one and I have longed for a Gibson RB250 ever since. The RB250 is a great value with a fine pedigree. I am pleased to have a banjo of such high quality, beauty, and tone that is a genuine Gibson. I would recommend the RB 250 without hesitation and I've been playing five string banjo since 1976.

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I bought an RB250 in London about 6 months ago and it's renewed my interest in the banjo. I played a Deering Calico before this and found the dynamic range to be fairly small. Deerings were the only quality banjos available in the UK when I first looked and it didn't do my style of playing any favours. I spotted this Mastertone by accident and it really has changed my attitude to banjo playing. I am not an 'in yer face' kind of player and the Gibson is exactly what I want in an instrument: beautifully made, gorgeous tone and superb dynamic range.

I am a guitar player and the banjo was originally thrown in at gigs as a little bit of colour. However, since getting the RB250, the banjo is becoming a major factor in what I do. The limitation is definitely with the player and not the instrument!

I agree with all your comments about the RB250. It's fab. I've amplified mine with a Fishman active banjo pickup which I highly recommend as it produces such a natural sound I'm not sure I'm plugged in until I unplug it... if you see what I mean!

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