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So my brother gave me his old guitar...


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I've played an acoustic for a few years, and now I wanted to get an electric.  I was completely overwhelmed by all the guitars out there and didn't know where to begin.  My brother told me he'd give me his old electric guitar.  So I was like that's great!  He told me it's an Epiphone Gibson les Paul style.  He said he got it back in the 90's.  Made in Korea.  I know nothing about it though and can't find info.  I would love to see an owner's manual!  Do they make those for guitars?  😔

Like what are the knobs all for?  How can I clean it up?   What kind of strings should I put on it?I'm so new to electric...   Any help would be really appreciated!

Thank you,



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Alice, it could be a terrific guitar. Without a picture, it’s hard to tell what it is. Could have 4 knobs, the two closest to the pickups would be volume controls, the two below that would be treble and bass. Might have a toggle switch on top and close to the neck. 
Post a picture and the serial number. We love pics

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