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I am a guitarist living in Korea. 
I recently bought a new guitar (6/21/2023) gibson sg61. sideway vibrola, and am very happy. 

But  I have some questions. 

1. Regarding volume, tone potentiometer number. 
Looking at the serial number, my guitar was produced in 2022, and the volume and tone potentiometer have all numbers written as 1944. This means that the potentiometer was produced in the 44th week of 2019, so why is there a 3 year difference? 
The other Gibson models I have have never seen a difference of more than a year. 
I wonder if this is the usual case ^^ 

2. Soldering-related 
I think there are signs of re-soldering in the soldering of the control cavity part of my guitar.

Please check photos if this is normal. 



Thank you so much  ^^



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If the pots were dated the 44th week of 2019,  just 8 weeks shy of 2020, and your guitar could have been made in the first week of 2022, it could be the pots were 2 years and 8 weeks old. Not a big deal. You might need someone with soldering experience to give you their opinion.

I recently bought a new Vox amp (4-23) but the build date was 2021. I could have sent it back and insisted I get a more current model, but I decided to keep it.

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