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I purchased a SG a while back and have decided it’s not for me.  I’ve had several shops and a couple luthiers go over it.  They all believe everything is original except the tuners were replaced.  What’s interesting about this guitar is it has what appears to be a factory installed Varitone.  The configuration is two pickups, full pick guard, 2 volumes, 2 tones, and is stereo wired.  The overall condition is pretty good (Pelham blue has aged to a green and has the usual wear and tear (some dings and dents as well as wear and fading you’d expect on a 52 year old guitar).  Does anyone know what it’s worth?

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What you're describing sounds like a custom order (two pickups, stereo/varitone, Pelham blue).  To some, that would create a premium value over a standard model; and to others it would be less appealing and less valuable than a standard model.  So, value is somewhat subjective.  Condition is as well, of course.  I would look for comps on Reverb.com and also perhaps show some photos to some shops who deal in vintage Gibson solidbodies.

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