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Gibson Poti identification

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Hi  there,


I'm building a Melody Maker with dual pickups. A project that I inherited from my friend who suddenly died a few yars ago.


I've finished my shopping list. Thanks to help I've already recieved from this forum I am now at the final assembly stage.


It has two Epiphone Humbuckers, 1 Volume, 1 Tone and a 3-Way toggle.


I bought two vintage potis a 500 kOhm (PPAT-510) and 300 kOhm (PPAT-310). I want to use the 500 kOhm poti for the volume and 300 kOhm poti for tone. (Do you think this is a good set up?)


In my haste in unpacking the potis I got them mixed up.  I'm uable to identify which one is which. I thought the ohmage was written on them but unfortunately not.


These are only two codes:

440-70035 0941

440-70028 0649


I've google but keep getting different answers.


So can you help me?








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According to my googling and a 1981 Gibson parts price list I have here, the one ending in 028 is the 300K.  Any reason you chose a 300K linear taper for the tone instead of another 500K audio taper like the volume?

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That's a good question. I forgot myself why I planned this and had to  check my emails last night.

I bought the parts straight after Covid. I live in Germany so getting genuine vintage Gibson parts at that time was not easy. Everywhere had delivery problems. I ordered two 500kOhm Potis and could only get one 500 and a 300 kOhm. Delivy was 8 weeks with no guarantee of the delivery happening.

So, I read up on some guitar forums and found a guitarist who used such a  setup (500 volume 300 Tone) and he said it was a sweet sound. So I thought ok wait 8+ weeks for the parts or go with a mix.  I chose the mix but then  put the project on hold for a couple of years and now I'm ready to finish it. I can now get Gibson 500 potis in Bulk if I wanted. Should I or go with the 500/300 mix.


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