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Gibson B-25 help please with year and wood type


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I bought this guitar at an estate sale.  I rushed to be first in line and bought it but don't really know much about it.   When trying to research it on the internet I find the serial numbers of the B-25 are difficult if not possible to date.

serial number is 854022

I am trying to get an image sized small enough so I can upload to this forum.  Why is the size limit so small?  

Could anyone shed some light for me on the year made and type of wood it is?

Thank you,



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Gibson offers very little storage space. You will need to upload it to a site like imgur or inkfrog and post the link here.

It could either be a 1966 or 1969 based on the serial number. 

Spruce top, mahogany sides and back. Mahogany neck.

If the bridge looks like this, it is likely a 1966.


If it looks like this, it is likely a 1969.


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It's very likely a 1966 based on the bridge. Or I should say it's definitely not 1969. 

This guitar has a serious problem. The top has a crack just beside the neck block and the neck (and neck block) has shifted. Note the crack and also note the edge of the sound hole at the end of the crack and the distortion of the body binding. It's not just a matter of repairing the crack. Everything needs to be shifted back into place first. I have repaired Gibsons with similar problems (it's a Gibson thing, seems like). Once the neck block is back in place, I glue in a narrow block of wood alongside the neck block, glued to both the neck block and top (inside).



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Posted (edited)

Yes that is why I showed a close up of the issue. 

What type of wood is the back.  Someone told me it might be Brazilian Rosewood. 

Thoughts on fair market price in current condition?  I think I may have over paid  ($850) for this but I could not pass up the opportunity to buy a vintage Gibson. 




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Definitely not rosewood of any type. The sides and back are mahogany, as is the neck. I can't tell you whether you overpaid or not but this damage will need to be addressed. I did a Gibson 12 string a number of years ago. I can't remember how I pulled it back into position. Probably just as well; I have done some nasty things here that would make a chiropractor wince.

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