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I play an LP and have had an SST as well as a J45. I never thought I'd get an SG. Weight and size have become factors and my only other more light weight guitar is a  Casino so I bought an SG Tribute. I had always considered it too 'snarly' and more of a heavy metal guitar for some reason. Much to my delight it 's whatever you want to make of it.  It's become a go to guitar for me. 

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Welcome aboard Hofner.  My first two guitars were LPs.  My third was a SG Supreme.  Fourth was an ES-335.  Fifth was a ‘67 SG Special w/P90s (GOW).   I play them pretty much equally.  The SGs are great guitars.  And after back and neck surgeries, if I played standing for extended period of time, the SGs would get even more playing time.

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