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A reintroduction

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Howdy! I went to set up an account on the forum only to find I already had an account... I'm sure that's never happened to anyone else here.[rolleyes]

I likely joined in 2013 because I'd just purchased an SG Standard...2012 serial number, but 2013 model with the small pickguard. This the guitar I'd wanted as a teenager... I'd had several Epiphone versions - one bolt-on and one set neck, both in the late 80s/early 90s. I also had at one point what I believe was a late 60s Junior...it was in rough shape and had a horrible refinish job I eventually painted over with white. I promptly cracked the headstock and sold it for close to nothing... another in a long line of bad decisions. Anyway, still have the 2012... she's in minty condition and at the local guitar tech's shop getting a real setup... I've only ever adjusted the string height and neck relief, so about a decade overdue. Still stock with the exception of steel locking studs on the stoptail and spacers so I can get the strings off the back of that Nashville bridge.

I've owned a Songwriter Deluxe acoustic at one point - wonderful guitar, but it didn't stay around. My current other guitars are a 2006 D-18 GE and my most recent acquisition, a PRS S2 Standard 22 singlecut with 57/08 pickups...in some ways pretty similar to the SG, even in looks (both vintage cherry, black pickguards, chrome/nickel pickup covers), but different in feel & sound.

Well- that's a lot... looking forward to lurking & posting on the forum a little more. Cheers!

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