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Okay, so I pulled the trigger on a 1996 Blues King. For a guitar that is almost 12 years old it's in decent condition. The guitar has been played so it sounds wonderful but could use a fret dress. The only thing wrong w/it is that the original 1/4" and XLR outputs have been disabled (cut) and a Fishman Prefix Plus has been installed in the endpin jack.


I was hoping to be able to use both the original jacks. I was wondering if it would be possible to wire in the stock XLR jack into the Fishman jack. Does anyone know of any wiring diagrams on the net?


TIA for any input.



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Probably not, unless you can back into the design of the stock system.


I'm not sure how Gibson had created the option of an XLR output, but it really depends on the original pickup system. An XLR cable basically consists of 3 wires. It can be configured where two are signals and one is a ground (high impedance stereo) or one is the signal and two are the ground (low impedance mono).


If the stock system had a dual system (e.g. mic + piezo), you would use the xlr cable to basically function as a stereo cable where you would need a mixer/PA to blend the two.


If the stock system allowed you to use as a balanced low impedance output (e.g. a direct box) then somewhere in the original system there is a hi-lo impedance converter (direct box).

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