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Strange Marauder


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I own a 1980 marauder, and i'm restoring it, with a Mahony body and maple neck and maple fretboard.

There are a fiew strange things about this Marauder:


its a 1980 marauder, some idiot painted the guitar black, but i'm busy removing it.

the original Gibson decall on the headstock is gone:-({|=


1: the guitar never had a trussrod cover, the are no holes for the 2 screws#-o

2: my guitar has a tone en volume switch and a forward placed toggle switch, but did'nt the last Marauders had a variotone between the volume and tone switch?;)


the guitar is fully original (besides the Paul Stanley paintjob:-({|= )


My feeling says its one off te last Marauders and Gibson build it with last parts that were left on stock?


Can somebody make sense out off it


some pictures:







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