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Setting the combination lock on a gibson Case


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From the Gibson support FAQ:






If the combination was somehow changed, try shining a flashlight into the spaces where the thumbwheels turn. As you rotate the wheel, you'll see a small notch once it gets to the correct number. Line up all three thumbwheels in this way, and it should open.


You can also use a thin strip of metal if you have trouble using the flashlight method. Using a thin strip of metal – (we suggest one cut carefully from an aluminum can) - to insert into the space beside each thumbwheel - hold pressure on the metal strip as you rotate the wheel - you'll feel the notch as you rotate - stop when you feel the notch and move on to the next wheel until you have all three set.


The long way around this is to start at "000" and work through the 1,000 combinations - it can take a few hours, but it does work!


If the lock is seems stuck or is actually damaged, we do recommend having a locksmith open/repair the damaged lock.


Below are listed the instructions for resetting the lock combination -


The locks are set at the factory to open at 0-0-0.


To set your own combination;


1) Choose 3 digits which you can recall easily-address, phone, birthday, etc.


2) Press the button in a direction toward the dial with your thumb and hold with your other hand (Use point of ballpoint pen) rotate the dials to the desired setting. Then, release the button.


3) Your lock is now set to open on the three digits engaged at the time you release the button.




4) Accordingly- NEVER rotate the dials with the button held open UNLESS you make careful note of the dial setting upon release of the button.


5) The manufacturer is not responsible for damage resulting from misuse, abusive handling, or failure to follow instructions.


Remove the red arrow before setting the lock.


* Please note:


Make sure to cut down the red plastic pin before operation.




Hope this helps

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