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  1. Thanks to The Beatles Channel on Sirius XM, John Lennon's "Working Class Hero". Also polishing up "Crossroads" and working on an acoustic version of Van Halen's "Ain't talkin' 'Bout Love". And, of course, trying to keep the chops up on all my original stuff. Emphasis: trying :)
  2. Not really an investment guitar, but I have a wall hanger. Limited edition Tennesee Titan's guitar made by Woodrow guitars. I'd invest the money elsewhere if I were looking to turn a profit :)
  3. Yeah, sorry man. This one is on you. Amazon, and many other places, clearly state up front you get a trial, followed by automatic enrollment. Book and record clubs have been doing it for decades... Get 15 FREE Books!!! (user agrees to buy 12 more books at regular monthly rates) Amazon Prime can be a nice service, I'm told, Maybe consider keeping it since you don't seem to mind the amount?
  4. Good to hear from you... and that is a GORGEOUS axe!!
  5. You can get a nice laptop with good hardware for less than $500. I'd save up and get one. http://www.bestbuy.c...dows%2010%20Pro https://www.walmart....chProductResult
  6. Hey!! Welcome back! Let's see.... 4/08/05 is when i joined- right after I found my LP. I've changed jobs 4 times, this last one is my dream job. I picked up a Mahogany Strat, an LTD F104 Bass, a Squier Tele, a Woodrow Titan's guitar, an YJM Marshall head and a 1960 A cabinet, a guitar research 60 watt amp.... and some other rando instruments. I started medieval combat again, bought a couple of helms, some lamellar armor, chain mail, and made some leather armor, fought in Tourneys and wars. Buried my Mom and Dad, Saw my sons graduate HS, saw my youngest graduate from Vanderbilt, start Pharmacy school, and go through his white coat ceremony. Gave my daughter away in marriage, watched both grand kids graduate HS and start college. Bought a new truck, and my wife a new car.... and many diamonds and other sparkly things. Became a professional Santa and got to be Santa for the Troops at Fort Campbell. Played out again accompanying a young lady in a competition. Looking back... it's all rather mundane... I need more crazy in my life LOL!!
  7. Atlas Stands. They are gorgeous, and he can custom make one to fit your specific pedals :) Tell Josh I said Hey : http://www.atlas-stands.com/
  8. I liked it :) I'd buy her metal album!
  9. The gear is whatever it takes to get the sound. Having said that, most of the sound is in your fingers. Just my experience :)
  10. Usually up through 12th Night. It'll come down this weekend. Maybe
  11. If you buy the Epi, how long will it set you back on the Gibson? If it's not but a few months, get the Epi. Why choose if you don't have to?
  12. You can quit trying to get your chops back.... they're BACK!!! Awesome job, sir!
  13. Looks like most of the gang is still here! I've been busy... hope y'all had a great Christmas! https://www.facebook...17312606&type=3 https://www.facebook...17312606&type=3 https://www.facebook...17312606&type=3 https://www.facebook...17312606&type=3
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