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  1. Looks like a pedal, not an amp though, so there's that 🙂 Also... would have to be used to beat the manufacturer's price. Spark is NIB and currently $269 I think. (I got mine for $224) https://www.digitech.com/band-creator/TRIOPLUS.html
  2. Makes me sound like a rock star. It's 40 watts and a practice amp to be sure, but it's become my go to for playing.
  3. Anyone else have one? It has a "follow my guitar" feature that lets you play a rhythm, then it ads bass and drums and let you play lead over the top of it. Other neat features, too. Pretty much plug and play. Spark Amps
  4. Mostly my hands/fingers. If you're more interested in my favorite effects its the holy trinity- distortion, chorus, and delay. I like tube amps, but am not exclusive and like the simplicity and stability of a solid state. Right now, today, I'm using a Spark amp by Positive Grid. It makes sounding really good incredibly easy. But I may have missed the point entirely 😄
  5. Hope he has a nice break and comes back well rested. Or something.😊
  6. Yep, was gonna recommend Naphtha. Well done!
  7. 1. The ergonomics and electronics were substantially different than the Strats I had been playing. I chose this particular Les Paul because after 18 months of playing various guitars this one played and sounded the best. Looks weren't bad either. 2. I like most Gibson models, and the Desert Burst is my favorite color. My least favorite is the Heritage Cherry Sunburst (I know THE classic LP) 3. Me. 4. I am on their Forum, I own their products, and I speak highly of them whenever I get the chance 🙂
  8. Your wife called. I told her it was a puppy. You're good 🙂 Also gorgeous guitar!
  9. Wow!!! Gotta give us the complete skippy when you get it!!
  10. Just browsing the thread... couldn't really tell if you were fond of this amp or maybe looking for something different....🤣 Seriously... I just got a new amp but now I want to try out one of these!!
  11. You are clearly a fine upstanding individual who knows when to say no. Also, I'd be willing to house some guitars for you.... you know... just trying to help. I'm a helper. I'm helping 🙂
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