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Is there any way in the forum software to limit a users post width to 80?

Case in point, some signature lines are so long with no word wrap, you have to scroll way across the page.




air sharing" reads, stores, transfers PDF files. and all most all other types also.


I have 200 apps, all free. most pay apps have a free counterpart.




Guitars:'08 SG Standard (Heritage Cherry)?'04 Les Paul studio(Wine red)?'92 Explorer (Wine red)?'84 ESP 400 Strat (Blue)?50th aniversary Fender Telecaster (Black w/Pearloid binding)?Hamer Flying V (Burst)?Ibanez ES-335 copy (Red)?'07 Melody Maker (Burst)


Amps: Peavey Windsor 100W Halfstack?'63 Silvertone 1484 212?Epiphone 5W combo?Fender FM212 DSP



See what I mean?

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