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Identifying an old SG / Is it even a Gibson?

caffienated sponge

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I well remember the agony of trying to learn how to play. I was too stubborn to ask anyone for help, so I 'progressed' by a series of mistakes - still doing it ! For bends, I prefer frets that are fairly high - although you lose that slick feel to the board as you slide your hand around. I fitted 1.25mm high frets to my Strat, and that's the limit for me. There is a slight 'speed bump' sensation, but you get used to it. The board is lacquered maple, and with the high frets there is no drag as you do the 'shake'. The only thing is that although they were fitted fairly recently, they are showing signs of wear despite being high nickel content. Of course, being relatively high, they should be ok for many years.


The frets on my 1979 SG are between 0.7 - 0.8mm high up to the 15th. The last few frets are completely as new and are 0.9mm high.

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