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Laser Tag With The Boys


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I took my boys and one of their friends for some good ol' fashion Laser Tag at a place called Motionz tonight.

We had (excuse the pun) a Blast!

The idea is essentially this: Three teams, red, yellow and blue make there way through course that is beneath the city. There are two levels with various walls, partitions and plastic drums that you hide behind trying to shoot the other teams. Everyone wears a laser vest with blinking lights on it. That's what you aim for with your laser gun. There is also three bases. You have to knock out the opponents bases all the while dodging the lasers from the other two teams. So if you have experienced players it's better, because you can cover each other at different times while you work your way around the course. If you get shot by another player your laser deactivates for five seconds. The whole idea is, "If it's a blinking light, Blast it!"

All of your kills, misses, base kills and such are tallied by the microchip in your vest. With a total of 24 players, I finished 12th. My team won. My son's team finished last. But my oldest boy had more kills than me. He finished 7th. It's pretty cool. If you have one in your town I would encourage you to go play laser tag.

It was a lot of fun tonight.

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