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Bought used mini-v 3 days ago for my kid to get lessons. I don't play. Had guitar restrung and tuned at guitar supply in Tulsa. Will not stay in tune by video from Gibson. Do not know what to do. Did i make mistake? Have heard from people that are in band in my church and they say that they will not stay in tune due to how small they are. Please help. Thanks

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I did the same thing. Purchased one for my son. It was impossible to tune - until I realized that the shorter scale made it tune in G... (on the video)


Still very delicate to tune. My son is too young to start transposing chords!


Someone said you could put heavy gauge strings on it and tune it in normal tuning? Any truth to this?

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i would try giving the strings a good stretch and retuning

this could take several times with new strings

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A quick googling gave me:

Kona Kids Rock Mini V Electric Guitar 19" Scale

on <<http://www.guitardiscounthero.com/store-products-MBPV-Kona-Kids-Rock-Black-Gloss--Mini-V-Electric-Guitar-19-Inch-Scale_40904143.html>>

which mentions:

... All 19" scale guitars are not designed to be tuned to a standard, full size guitar tuning.

Given the shorter scale, this model should be tuned up 2 1/2 steps for proper intonation. ...snip...

Would you check the page and see if it looks right?

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