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Weird Noises from my Les Paul


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Hi. I have a les paul with a 57 classic in the neck and classic plus in the bridge. The other day i played a gig with it for the first time, and weird noise was coming out of it- not good noise. The Bridge pickup is not too bad, but the neck is! When i crank the amp up on high volumes i get feedback. It's like a soft whistle and then climbs up to a loud screeching woooooo sound. It goes away if i touch my strings. Basically as long as i the strings, no noise comes out, and everything seems fine. BUt as soon as i take my fingers off of the strings, it goes crazy. My conclusion is that it makes the strings vibrate too much and out of control, and i dont know how to stop it.


I have another issue as well. If i switch to my bridge pickup, and turn the bridge volume all the way down, there is still noise coming from my amp (if i strum, noise still comes out. Not much, just a soft guitar sound.) when i turn the neck volume down, even tho it's not the pickup on, the guitar is silent. This happens vice versa as well (neck only, i still here bridge)

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