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  1. Hey Saturn, get with the program... Hahahah.
  2. Congrats on your 30th anniversary... !! Wish you many more to come! Thought you might consider a trip to Spain...
  3. Beautiful Cherry Burst... Congrats and enjoy it....!!
  4. Here´s a some picks from last Saturday night with the Duo. ¨Dave & Joe´s Country Road¨
  5. Hey how is everyone? hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are getting ready form the holidays... I've ben busy lately, playing in two bands, my regular 7 piece cover band and a new project. The new project is a Countryish band, actually a duo with myself on acoustic guitar and vocals and a buddy on harmonica, banjo and slide ( dobro )... The new project is lots of fun. Were doing some classic Country tunes and adapting some classic Rock to Country/Bluegrass... Loads of fun and going over very well... I haven't bought anything in a while but have sold a couple guitars, my 71 SG Standard and my 1959 Historic ES 175 (2014 model)... The were both awesome guitars but I never used them. Anyway that's all I got for now... Dave
  6. Candy apple black cherry... Awesome color!
  7. While home in Boston in June went to a car and bike show at the Boston Harley dealership... I used to have a 68 Corvette Coupe and the 73 brought back some great memories---
  8. So as I mentioned in another thread, got my bike painted and asked them to paint a guitar the same color... Came out great!! Here are some pics...
  9. Hey you guys, been out of the loop for a while and now that photo bucket is a paid service and have all my photos held hostage, what are you guys using to post pics now. Can I post pics from iCloud ? I hope everyone is in good health and spirits and enjoying summer. Keep cool! That should be easy as we are all cool dudes here...
  10. No, not the Gold leaf Les Paul.. I´ll never refinish that again, was a pain in the a$$ to do and it looks great as it is even though it has some dings in it now... Not the ES 1275, 175 or Johnny A... You godda be kidding. Hint; not a guitar that would loose value with a new paint job.
  11. Just wanted to say hi... I´ll be posting in the show car thread.... Or maybe I´ll start a new thread of show bikes. Just had my Harley painted candy apple black cherry, awesome color!! Had them pain me a guitar while they were at it. Any guesses on which guitar I painted?
  12. Sorry to hear Gibson is having financial troubles now... I hope it all blows over and things continue as before only better. I love my Gibsons and only wish the best for the future of the company.
  13. Just joined a new band, Country and Bluegrass, which I never dreamed I’d be playing but I’m really enjoying it. Working on a bunch of new tunes such as Gentle On My Mind, Wagon Wheel, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Those Memories of You, Burning Ring of Fire, Mississippi Woman...etc Then were adapting some classics to Bluegrass like: Born to Be Wild, Sweet Child of Mine, Bad Moon rising. I’m then singer and this stuff really suits my voice... Who knew???
  14. I haven’t been around for a while but no one misses me... :( I’m still in Spain...
  15. Saw them in Boston this past July... I was up close and scored a bunch of pics...
  16. Congratulations...! Very classy guitar!
  17. Funny it says in the video they coast around 3000 bucks... That’s quite a price jump...
  18. It’s nice to know that there are still a few good guys around...
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