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Theres a question after the intro:




I lurk here, and used to be very prominent on the playjazzguitar forums.


I didn't really feel like posting in the new to forum stuff, because i only want to vintage guys to know. But if it needs to be moved I'll understand.


I don't know if any of you know me, from anywhere but I thought I'd say hi.


I took a lot of time off playing and couldn't find the time to play.


Girls and school work took up too much time. Ha.


So after getting everything sorted out, I realized I have to audition to get into the high school jazz band.


I just started nailing down songs, and practicing, because I really want to get in. The auditions in May, so I still got some times to get back into practicing for hours at a time.


I really want to get serious again, but math and school was catching up to me, and music had to take a back seat.


So I just felt like saying hi, because I think I will start posting more.





Now for a vintage related question, so I have a reason to put this in the vintage section.


What do you do to keep your guitars in tip to condition.




What do you vintage guys use for feedback trouble. My guitar can have some serious feedback problems.


I've heard about pedals (any suggestions?)


I don't really want to put foam or socks in my f holes.




And I thought I'd post some pictures of my guitar. I don't know if you would call it vintage but you decide.


2 of my favorites:





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Welcome to the forum!

On the feedback question....The first thing that comes to mind is--step away from the amp and/or turn down the volume. I,m not trying to be a smart-***...really!

I have not had experience with CC pickup. Maybe it is more prone to feedback? Hvae you used your 175 with other amps than the Twin? Not sure if I know the answer....RRod


Nice looking pair, by the way!!

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Hey MorganS--


Welcome to the forum.


That's a great-looking ES-175, and I'm impressed that you already have a guitar like that as a high school student.


As far as feedback, I think retrorod's answer is a good one. You are right not to want to stuff the guitar with padding because that will change its tone, and that tone is the whole point of the hollow-body design. I would just make sure the guitar's volume control is not turned up when you face the amp. Another issue could be where the amp's sound is rebounding. That pickup in your guitar is much more microphonic than a modern humbucker. What this means is that it will pick up noise bouncing around the room, and if the amp is set up so that its sound waves are bouncing off a wall or the trumpet section and aimed right back at the guitar, then at higher volumes you will get more feedback.


Remember that feedback is just the guitar "hearing itself" and transmitting that heard noise again through the pickup to the amp in a progressively layered overload. Find the places in the room where the guitar is able to "hear" the amp, and then make sure the pickup is not aimed that way, and you should do a lot of feedback reduction.


You might also experiment with using a lower volume setting on the guitar and turning up the amp to compensate. When the pickup's volume is set at 10, it is more likely to push the amp to overdrive and then into feedback.


Lastly, good luck with the auditions. I was stupid in high school and never listened to jazz even though I was in jazz band. What a waste of an opportunity. I can't encourage you enough to find good jazz and listen to it. It will really help your playing. And don't worry about it being guitar players. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk, and Louis Armstrong all come to mind as people whose phrasing really speaks to me. If you're already listening to jazz, then you are so much on the right track that I am very jealous!



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Thanks guys,


Since I'm in a big band I'm usually constricted to be sitting right next to my amp.


But I'm moving on from middle school jazz band to hopefully high school jazz band.


I am really dedicated to the music so I try my best.


So yeah I got 500 jazz songs right now in itunes. Ranging from anything to everything.


I listen to lots of Charlie Parker, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Charles Mingus and many others.


I'm addicted. Hard humming jazz songs in math class, without attracting a little attention.


Today I was singing; Four, Scrapple from the Apple, Stella by Starlight, and My One and Only Love.


At school I have a picture of my guitar on my binder and people ask, "Is that a fender, or is that a Les Paul."


I get a lot of the, "I play guitar hero, do you?" and the "Do you have a guitar in there" when I'm holding my guitar case.


The troubled youth. I sit in class nodding my head and taping my foot at what ever song comes to mind.


I've been caught going into solo mode, where i close my eyes think about how I would play something.


I read sheet music in class, and think of substitutions for chords.


I'm thinking about rhythm changes and 2-5-1's.


Trying to remember and think about what was going on in the bridge of Girl from Ipanema.


I love this stuff.




ps I used to have a hot rod deluxe, but it wasn't vintage enough.


I'm thinking about a blackface deluxe? You think it would be better than the twin.

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