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I've decided I'd like to pick up an Epiphone Caballero FT-30 - the Kalamazoo model, of course, not the Japanese model. I've always been against having duplicate guitars, which this would be for me, but I like the idea of having a matching pair - a 1965 Caballero to match my 1965 LG-0.


I had one on eBay last night, but it crossed what I was willing to pay so I let it go.


If you ever see one pop up for sale, let me know.


For those unaware:



Gibson LG-0



Epiphone FT-30 Caballero



There's currently a 1964 at Elderly, and a 1963 on eBay, but the prices on the Caballero and LG-0 seem to have doubled over the past year... I'm still hoping to get one for last year's price, I guess.


Here's a gorgeous example, with what I'm guessing is a new finish and ebony bridge:


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