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selling a few of my vintage acoustic gibsons in Europe - anyone interested?


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folks, very sorry for the spam, but i need to make some quick sales here...


here's what's for sale:


1. Gibson J-45 (1954) - 3800 euros (includes shipping to anywhere in Europe)


this is a very special guitar, and it pains me to part with it. has the ubiquitous Dylan tone in spades. All original, a bit of wear around the soundhole, and 2 superficial and small cracks near the lower part of the top which weren't problematic at all, but still i had my luthier take care of them. setup to perfection as well (at least to me), now plays nice and easy after some intonation issues earlier. early 50s J45s and J50's have a tad longer scale than the usual gibson short scale, so i recently had my luthier move the bridge a bit back for the sake of perfect intonation. it's now perfect and stable. setup for 12s. tons of mojo on this one. it's the best recording guitar i've ever owned, an even, perfect tone with that sweet midrange Gibson tone only found on perfect J45s. non original hardshell case included.


2. Gibson Kalamazoo KG-11 (1934) - 1500 euros (includes shipping to anywhere in Europe)


belonged to a very nice gentleman from Virginia named Lee, a WWII veteran, from whom i got the guitar from. he engraved his name inside so the guitar wouldn't be lost among the few other KG-11s that belonged to other ppl in his platoon. i didn't know this until i spoke with the man, but it seems many GIs took these little kalamazoos with them during the war. that's why he wrote his name inside, so he'd know which one was his. this one didn't need any setup, the guitar is special in every sense of the word, be it in terms of playability, but also tone of course. it's my most playable vintage guitar, apart from the J45. perfectly setup. fret life to spare and good for 2 lifetimes, a bit of wear on the top as you clear from the picture, but i think it only adds to the vibe. upgraded with kluson deluxe tuners, same as J-45s etc. setup for 12s.


3. Gibson L-00 (1994) - 1200 euros


also setup by my luthier, upgraded with period correct tuners (replacing the horrid steel grovers or whatever it had), upgraded with unslotted true ebony bridge pins. has the gibson tone in spades, needs to be played and loved though. the finish has begun to craze a bit, but it's to be expected from a 19 year old guitar. it'll look great in a couple of years. setup for 12s.


i'll post pictures of all of this very soon.


cheers folks.

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