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RED acoustic guitar strings


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Well after seeing ads for these copper/bronze strings about everywhere I decided to try a set on my Guild Jumbo.


Now to put my comments on perspective I do not change strings often, twice a year only and do not care much for the feel and sound of new strings. I change strings when they feel dead to me.


Anyway the strings do sound warm and round when picked. When strummed they seem to add a bit of distrortion, call it a slight crunch or whatever. Clamping hard on a barre F chord and downstrumming it is evident that clarity suffers, even more puzzling on a 25.5" scale guitar.


My wife noticed, she liked the sound but I am still not so sure.


Once I get past the initial clankyness (is that a word?) of the strings I will decide whether I like them or not.


I guess there is always a trade off with different strings, you get something new in the sound but lose something as well.

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