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1982 korina v


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  • 4 years later...

Last year I had the privilege of trying out A 095. Asking price DKK 50000/$9500. One of the best guitars I've tried in my life. It sold this spring for $9000.




Your guitar is one of the first 100 made of the very first reissue of the '58 korina.


Check out this site:


You'll find all the info you need there.

beautiful guitar

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I have A264




They are all two piece AFAIK. The originals had the grain running out to the tips. The Heritage versions have the grain running parallel to the center seam. They have Shaw designed pickups in them. They were Gibson's early attempt at recreating early PAF's.


Here's a pic of one in a Les Paul. The last three numbers equal the date of when they were made. They all should have this rubberstamped date on them. This particular unit was made in June 1982.




They look like this without the covers. I bought two of them as aftermarket replacements in the early 80s not knowing what I had until recently. Note the use of plastic spacers instead of maple.




Here's a top view.




I put new covers on them and put them in this new V but it does not sound as good as the korina one.



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