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84 LP Studio with Trem Help


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Hi everyone,


I'm new to this forum so I'm reluctant to post right away. However, I've done a couple of days worth of searching the interwebs to find information about my guitar. I received it as a gift about 10 years ago and have been gigging it for getting close to a year now. I believe it is an 84 model if I am reading the serial correctly.


I've noticed a couple of things about it that I thought was different when comparing it to other studios.


1) The tremelo. I don't think the previous owner had it installed, and I've heard that Gibson may have installed these trems from the factory around the mid-80s. I could use some clarification on what the tremelo is called and maintenance tips for it.

2) Binding. This seems to be on some Studios and not on others. It's not a huge deal, but if anyone knows why it is there but not on others it'd be nice to know.


The other things I'd like to know are things like:

Pickup types, wood types, good replacement parts (tuners, etc)

Any additional history

Any information regarding what it may be worth. Not that I'll be selling it anytime soon. . . it has much sentimental value to me.


Anyway, thanks in advance for the help. Click the pic to see full size.



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Close up pics would help more. I'm guessing you might have yourself a "studio standard" or a "studio custom". (My 85 studio custom in my avatar) Those 2 models had binding and dot inlays. Custom was made '84-85' and not sure the years for the standard. Its hard to see but you might have "Tim Shaw" pickups. Are there stickers on the pickup rings?

Like I said close up pics would help.

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It looks like the one on the ad gibson sent to me, after I was asking about my LP...


These Studios were built from ´83 to ´85 and there were three versions (Studio, Studio Standard and Studio Custom).


Like Fixr1984 wrote, the Standard and Custom Models have a binding on top and fingerboard (the customs have multiple bindings and gold hardware). The Studio-Model didn`t have them.


Unless it wasn`t changed later, the vibrato (technically not a tremolo, as it is often called) was originally on one of the models.


Alder Body (I don`t know if already with "swiss-holes"), maple neck, rosewood fingerboard... My humbucker have the "P.A.F"-Sticker, but I don`t know which pickups are under the cover...


I hope it helps a bit... but you could also send pictures to Gibson and ask them... they are helping and really kind as I experienced.

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