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Gibson LP "Projects", No Hardware


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I'm new to the forum so I apologize if this isn't posted in the correct area.


I'm interested in putting together my own Gibson LP because I can't find a model that has the specific hardware I like. What I'm looking for is a Gibson LP that only consists of the body and neck; no pots, no pups, etc.


Is there a place that sells this type of "project kit"? I currently have a LP standard that I don't want to mod, but I also don't want to purchase another LP just to take out all of the hardware and start from scratch. Any ideas? Thanks!



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I saw a few for sale at the Chicago Guitar Show last year. They had an LP type and a Strat. This

years show is next week, I'll get some info for you. They were pretty cheap. I must admit I was tempted

to buy one. How would you finish it? paint,hardware,etc



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