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Ive read the serial number thing, but I cant figure out what year my les paul is, I bought it from a pawn shop and I was told that it is a BLACK BEAUTY, but I dont think it is.. can anyone who understands the searial code please help?

stamped into the back of the headstock is # 91660380


Thank you.

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All you can tell from the serial # is the Year which in your case it is 1990 (the first and fifth#) the day

it was made which are the second third and fourth #'s and the production # which is 380. You can't

get model info from the Serial #. Call Gibson Customer Service and they should be able to help you out

with a model for your guitar. Post a pic that would be helpful.



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From the Gibson homepage:


The pattern is as follows:


YY is the production year

DDD is the day of the year

RRR is the factory ranking/plant designation number.


Unless you have a special guitar, where the pattern was different... but normally that pattern is quite easy to understand, isn`t it?


I guess some pictures would help the other members to give you a hint.

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