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Marshall MG and MB (bass) series amps...


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Has anyone had any experience with them? Specially with the marshall MB bass amps, I tried some today and they sounded ok, tried the 450 W head and the 450 W 2x10 combo.




The thing is... I'm changing the studio to a different site and it will be bigger, so I get to have one more room that I'll use for stereo recording of demos and will rent it for rehearsals.


Now most people here either don't have an amp at all or have only a small combo and don't want to lug it around to rehearsals; so rehearsal rooms are hot[cool]


Of course I'm not going to place any of my amps in there, not even the solid state ones, those are going to be in the main studio room so people recording there can rent them for their recordings.


So I was thinking I should just get a marshall MG head and 4x12 cab for that room... and a marshall bass combo or head+cab just because people here likes marshall "cause it's a marshall" regardless of model... and also because they will give the bass cab for free if I buy both heads (I have some 4x12 cabs that Ill use for the guitar head).



My other options for bass are fender, ampeg, hartke, and GK, but I really don't feel like investing in a great amp so kids can tear it appart and f-ck it. For guitar I can always use one of mine, but I'm a little picky with my stuff and don't like anyone else to turn any knobs on my amps[angry]

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