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Custom serial nr's How to..Find wich year (70-75)


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Hi.;I just found out this from Gibson..Very handy as it is impossible to tell wich year a 70-75 custom..is just by the serialnr.

Open the back..where the pots are...on the pots you should have A 7 digit.;number

The 4 TH AND 5th..will tell you the year

So if its 1347344

Makes this.A ?


Indeed A 1973..guitar.

.problem is..that if pots are replaced..There is No way of Knowing wich year it was made [biggrin]

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The last two digits indicate the week of the year. These pots were made in the 44th week of 1973. It's likely a late '73 but could also be a 1974. My Telecaster had pots dated the 33rd week of 1976 but the neck code translated to around April of 1977.


Pot codes are a great help but remember they bought them in bulk and could have been sitting around for a while before being used.... or they could have been used the week after they were made. It's just a small piece of the puzzle.

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Idd..the Gibson 71..I bought..turned out a 73 Oh!..only the last 4 digits are correct here..So yes 44 th week....Like Gibson said ;unless the body was lying around for 3 years.its a 73

And indeed it is not likely..Is it..Hum.;Lets leave this here for 3 years and then put the pots in...Haha!

the first nr's I changed..To confuse The Horrible HANfackers haha!

Also since the serial nr's on the 70-75..are so untraceable..Potcodes..are..I guess the only way..to stick a date on these..No?


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