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urgent Gibson custom Good or not?


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I just found this guitar custom on e-bay....What do you gus think of it?

Price..seems pretty good too

Can someone have a good look?Serialnr..Is there!

Here is the link




UPDATE ...Who else is bidding. hu..come on.confess!Haha...

I m going crazy..The last 3 guitars I bought ..where all ****ed in one way or the other...I ve been sending them back like boemerangs..This..Next?

Real..or Not?


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Hi , I took a look at the photos on ebay. First i must say i'm no expert. far from it. so take my opinion with a grain of salt and wait for others who know more than myself to respond. The 1st thing that jumped out to me was the Gibson logo, all the other pics are sharp and clear. that 1's not and the "o" in Gibson doesn't seem correct. maybe my lack of knowledge is to fault. but i looked at some of my custom shops and they look different.

call Customer service and find out about the #'s . good luck.

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Thanx!Yes.;I find it strange..No bids...

However I know It can be difficult..to take clear pictures..i will ask him ...Grover tuners are not..standard are they?

Hum..another..unmodified..Guitar? Dont think so..Or Do 88 CUSTOMS HAVE GROVERS?.Thanx a lot.

Ps..Did you notice..anything else...Or Only that Weird O ? indeed it looks like a square...

Also has anyone seen this guitar before..I think...I did..on E-bay months ago...Cheers

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well some bids were made but as a rule for myself i never buy from ebay. there's to many parts available to enable someone to make a guitar. i don't trust unknown people with my money. regular music stores offer some protection and it's always easy to return items.

good luck in your hunt

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JAMMAN!INDEED!!!!(I bought 3..ALL HAD TO BE SEND BACK..AND I M SO CAREFULL..YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE!)..I watched the last seller for 1 year(frank c-n and musikboss ebay.de)...He was selling under 2 names..Only Vintage..And..He only got good feedback on both accounts..300 en 300+ 100% Good feedback..HOWEVER..DO NOT TRUST GOOD FEEDBACK...

After 1 year of bifdding on several of his .;whar seemed excellent guitars..This Is what happened:

He sold me A BB without repairs or issues Very well set up.;All original..or that is What He Advertised.;A 71

I got supcicious ..Since he would not answer Qeustions like..Where will it be send from/ or give his adress..Second bell Rung..When he said he was on holiday..3 rd.(Very).Private Biddibng and feedback only.!!!..If a seller claims to be on holiday while selling..2 Or 3 Expensive guitars..Believe me its a lie..(99%).(I know this seller LIVEs in spain..Not germany like..he claims)

So guitar was Wrong year..changed pots and tuners...broken case..bad condition.(+No prof set up like promised..).I send it back..But I will loose 50 euro with this Bullshit..and A lot of time...(His guitar is now well set up( By A luthier I paid)..So he is losing NOTHING

I would also say..avoid Buying on the net..And..Believe me....

Good Feedback MEANS NOTHING!Why? Cause Now I send this back..and..when he pays me.most of it back..I cannot warn other people.!!

CAUSE I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LEAVe NEGATIVE FEEDBACK..HE IS SCARED..HE BLOCKED ME..AND KEePS doing the same thing....Apart from that...Not all his guitars.;are "bad".;The condition/description..Is Not accurate..And HE KNOWS IT!!!And..every time he has to refund...NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK CANT BE LEFT..So For All I know..He Sold Loads of crap...You See E-bay only is an illusion....You can never be sure about a seller..

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hey beelzebub,soory to here about your being ripped off. I have bought over the net, but only from dealers that are listed from the Gibson site. never had a problem. and the guitars were first rate. I dont like buying like that but sometime its the only way. in all the years i've been buying instraments, i always play them first. but times have changed. The big red flag is a cash only deal . never do this as it leaves you with almost no recourse. the problem is once that person has your cash .... try and get it back. keep your friends close and your enemys closer.

good luck in your quest

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IDD!!! And Very True....But do you know any vintage dealers?

For new Guitars.I absolutly reccomend E-bay +Paypal..very safe

Only Gibson dealers :)

Cheap too!


UPDATE:The Guitarshop in gent..Tom..Told me he sold my guitar.Just after writing the above

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten so angry.;HE Is Not A bad Guy really..

If you buy a guitar in his shop..in fact..he is excellent...

I will delete some of the above..i dont want to hurt his business...Sorry about this.

(.I m so Tired..Of hearing Lies...its getting difficult for me to believe anything about guitars these days)

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I don't know any here in florida. I like buying new anyway . no one knows what will be vintage and valueble in 20 years anyway. and it looks like i will not be buying any more guitars for a long time. the wife will kill me. i have enough now , and am more interested in finding a band and playing and doing mods on the ones i have. I really like doing tech. work. For me i just don't trust ebay. just look at all the rip offs you read about on this forum. to each their own.

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Of Course! Go for it! Me.;again I m stuck with a grubby accoustic..today..An Sg Standard..black 2008 will arrive...(Seller will bring)

Any expierence with these? seller says has a thin neck...

Me too..Gibson new..are Stunning!

Especially the customshops..Every little thing from the beautifull case" up to the smell..is A true delight..even better then getting some grubby half broken down;1973 fretless wonder.

Also...The sound of The SB CS.2009.and the paintwork was absolutly PERFECT

The sound was to die for....Orginal yet..warm..Nasty...Heavenly!

I think the 2009 Customs.... Are BRILLIANT..A pity..but the price is ..2400 euro (to high for me...)


Good luck with the band!

Keep us updated!

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