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Neck Reset ? CS - 336


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I am a proud CS-336 owner. I decided to make a change on my original strings for once about 2 years ago and Long & McQuade guy in Toronto (Bloor) advised me to use 0.12 flatwound strings, which I followed. Then I noticed a slight bending on the fretboard from 11th fret till the last one. i.e when I hit a note , the last fret causes vibration and therefore poor quality suppression of the sustain.. :-


I am quite unhappy now, what can I do? Take my guitar to the same store (which also happen to be the Gibson authorized dealer in Toronto) or take somewhere else (not to fall into another mistake)? Those guys are good usually, but I haven't purchased my guitar from them, I got it from Europe. Would that be a problem, will I end up having to pay lots of money?


Any recommendations? Life-time warranty would not cover that I presume.


Thanks a million,



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Use of these strings alone cannot cause a problem. Get to a competent repair guy and have him take a look -- it doesn't really sound like you have a serious problem.


-- Bob R


P.S. The CS-336 is not an acoustic guitar, so you might do better asking future questions about it in the electrics forum.

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