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Played '39 L00 and 20th Anniversary L00 side by side today

Old Neil

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[cool] Down at my local guitar shop today. Got to play a lovely vintage ('37 or '39) L00 from one of the owners private stash and compare it with a just arrived, 1 of only 20 made, 20th Anniversary L00's based on this very vintage guitar!

Both of these guitars were (obviously) very similar in appearance. They certainly got the fire stripe pick guard period correct on the Anniversary model. Both necks are beefy but have different profiles. The '39 is 'baseball bat-like' but worn in, smooth and comfy. The Anniversary is equally hefty but has a pronounced V in its profile. Quite similar to Martin dreadnought Mod V's I've owned.

Obviously the 'real thing' has had many years of playing put into it and has sustain, dynamics and playability to fuel all one's Vintage Dreams. Yep, its just what one expects in the imagination what a great vintage specimen of a classic model should sound like.

The new Anniversary obviously can't compete with 70 years of aging and playing but is still very obviously a class act...IF you can handle that big V neck. Personally, as I've found to my cost, what feels fine for a 20 minute fiddle may be very different when you get into more serious sessions. I've sold all my big V neck guitars once I had to give in and admit they are just not for me. YMMV of course.

Also, to return to an older thread I had featuring this guitar, I had a chance to also revisit a J-45 TV that is only sounding better in this cold, dry weather. A very good shot at capturing that vintage tone, feel, look and vibe. Very impressive in the light that I switched to it after playing the vintage L00. There could be some horse trading in my future :-

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I assume you mean the cost of the vintage '39 L00? I have no idea about the vintage market for Gibsons and it would also be different in Sweden than the US. The owner buys his guitars in the US, keeps some, trades some and of course buys for the shop. He said he'd seen this model for as high as $8,000 and as low as 5-6K but I couldn't verify if that was true. Maybe those more qualified on this forum can give an evaluation.

The 20th Anniversary didn't yet have a price tag as it had just came in and we got to talking guitars in general and I forgot to ask. Next time then [confused]

My personal preference is their J-45 TV. Its a do everything, comfy as old slippers, soulful as the eyes of a woman in love...

You get the idea.

Don't get me wrong, I'd have any of those three guitars in a heartbeat. I'm more of a one guitar at a time guy and I'm not sure a small body like the L00 would feel limiting for my singer songwriter stuff. (L00 owners feel free to convince me otherwise if you like...) If I was a blues riffslinger it would probably be all I'd need!

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