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Ableton 7 ?


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Does any here use ableton 7 to record with?

Someone gave me the line 6 gx as a X-mas gift and it comes with the line 6 pod farm,riffworks and Ableton 7.Its my first experience using computer generated software to play and record with. The amps/effects pod farm comes with is little better than I thought,but still to me has the simulated sound in it.When it comes to the riffworks or Ableton to record with,I can get the riffworks to work ,however my results are nothing spectacular.The Ableton 7,I can't figure that out at all.I guess I'm just curious if that is not the most user friendly configured program,or I am just missing something basic with it.

I did my recording on a fostex cassette style multitracker until a few years ago,when I purchased a fostex digital multitracker.I was able to figure that out with ease and results are decent.I use a free version of audacity to do any final editing and convert it to an mp3.

Maybe the computer stuff just isn't for me and I need to stick with the older stuff which I can figure out.

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