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Bracing on Doves in Flight vs Hummingbird TV


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I am looking at both of the mentioned guitars and was curious as to the bracing on both of them.


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I don't know anything about the Hummingbird TV, but I just happen to have my Doves In Flight with me at the office today, (it's off to the Luthier after work). I'll take a photo of the bracing if I have time, (and if I can find a mirror).

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I couldn't get a decent photo of the bracing without removing the strings....


But here is something:




Dove Flattop

Available: 1962 to present

Collectibility Rating: 1962-1965: C, 1965-1969: D.

Because this is a square shoulder guitar, there aren't a lot of collectors interested in this model. When introduced, it became Gibson's second from the top flat top model.


1962 Dove introduction specs:

16.25" wide, square shoulder dreadnought, maple back and sides, mahogany neck, tuneomatic bridge inlaid into a rosewood bridge with dove-shaped pearl inlays on bridge ends, pickguard with 2 points towards bridge and 1 toward treble bout, pearl dove inlaid on pickguard, multiple bound top and back, bound rosewood fingerboard with double parallelagram inlays, crown peghead inlay, gold tuners and bridge, cherry sunburst.



1963 Dove specs:

natural finish available with cherry back and sides.

1965 Dove specs:

Truss rod cover changes from black with white outside line, to white with black outside line.

1966 Dove specs:

pickguard no longer hand made with pearl (now a pantograph machine is used).

1968 Dove specs:

Bottom belly bridge with adjustable rosewood saddle, bracing made much heavier, some pickguards attached with screws (often covered with pearl dots).

1970 Dove specs:

Non-adjustable bridge saddle.

1971 Hummingbird specs:

Double "X" bracing used.

1975 Dove specs:

Ebony fingerboard.

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