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[STICKY] Gibson Acronyms


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STICKY: Gibson Acronyms


Just as a quick reference.

It might help some new members, and even some of us vets.

I will alphabetize, and add to this list as I come across or think of new ones.

Feel free to post your own or send them to me, and I will add them to the list as I can.


I did a search, but was unable to find a list here anywhere. Some are obvious, some are not. Such as:



AJ = Advanced Jumbo

CES = Cutaway Electric Spanish

DIF = Doves In Flight

EB = Electric Bass

EDS = Electric Doubleneck Solid

EG = Electric Guitar

ES = Electric Spanish

GAS = Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

GC = Guitar Center

GOTW = Guitar of the week

GOTM = Guitar of the month

HB = Hummingbird / Humbucker

HC = Historic Collection

LP = Les Paul

LPC = Les Paul Classic

LPS = Les Paul Studio

LS = Legend Series

MC = Modern Classic

MF = Musician's Friend

NOS = New Old Stock,

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

PG = Pick Guard

PU = Pick-up

RI = Reissue

SB = Stop Bar / Strap Button

SC = Single Coil

SG = Solid Guitar

SJ = Southern Jumbo

SW = Song Writer / Sweetwater

SWD = Song Writer Deluxe

VOS = Vintage Original Specifications

TR = Truss Rod

TRC = Truss Rod Cover

TV = True Vintage

WM = Working Man


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