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You wanna see some serious fading?.. Take a look at this.


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Take a look at this. A pupil arrives at my house for a lesson a few months ago and asks me about his SG. I dated it for him circa 1975 ish If I remember correctly and someone had obviously lost the pickup screw and put tape to hold the pickup up many years ago. It looked a bit worse for wear, but I noticed that it was very slightly red on the top bout at the back. You can just make it out in the pic. Initialy I though this guitar was in a natural finish, so I popped the pickguard and the toggle switch ring just to have a look, and low and behold..Just shows you it's not only 50's dyes that fade into oblivion.








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Wow' date=' thats crazy. the cherry under the pickguard and toggle still looks almost brand new[/quote']


Yeah it's genuine. I checked it out because I saw some faint redness on the top bout back and under the fretboard on the bottom horn.

The back was also faded in the same way and I thought that was weird, but my pupil told me his dad had had it from new and didn't bother playing it for years and it basically sat on a guitar stand in a glass conservatory. Hence the back fade too. The top is completely smooth, with no evidence of any roughness or ridges where the two colours meet.


Take it from you. You weren't half as surprised as the guy who owned it.. LOL

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