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  1. Been going for £490-650 on ebay.co.uk recently. Awesome guitars. I have one. Just needed a new harness and a replacement neck PU to meet my expectations.
  2. The possible: A Zak Myers PRS SE (to be modded). A Tech 21 Trademark 60 for rehearsals. A Gibson Melody Maker (2014, yellow). The distant future: A really nice relic Strat. Ditto Tele.
  3. What are all the nibs going to be doing with themselves now that they are redundant?
  4. I saw Think Floyd (awesome UK Floyd clones) touring with AXE FXII. Sounded perfect. I'm a dyed in the wool backline man but they impressed me.
  5. The pic shows that Skydog had a better taste in guitars than shirts! Thanks for the article.
  6. ibis

    490R & 498T

    My friend left me his SmartWood Exotic Les Paul in his will. It has a 498T in the bridge and sounds monstrously big on stage. I did swap out the 490R for a SD 59N, the Alnico 5 magnet giving me a little more bite in the neck pick up. With 500k pots, 50s wiring, PIO tone caps and treble bleep caps, the guitar is one of the best sounding guitars I've ever played. So, big thumbs up for the 498T in this case. I do suspect it may be a down to the match with a particular instrument rather than saying the 498T is perfect full stop.
  7. I saw this (very same?) guitar on sale on the bay about 4 years ago. The one back then had no provenance, ie no serial or factory history. Plus it seemed unique with its binding, block inlays and switch position. The fact it had tarbuckers and dated pots was the only thing dating it to the 70s. The lack of patina was also questionable. That said I've never gotten over seeing it and wanting one made JUST LIKE IT!
  8. I use Elixir 9 - 46s on my Explorers mainly because I'm a sweaty sod. I also love the way my fingers glide over the wound strings more easily.
  9. ibis

    NGD - Moderne

    Drool, nice guitars people!
  10. ibis


    PICS! PICS! PICS! I gotta try one of these babies.
  11. Try some different gauges. 9-46 Hybrid is good if you want to keep the bottom end. Alternatively, play with the height of the stop bar to adjust the 'slinkiness' of the strings. Raise the treble side to make a set of 10-46 easier to bend for solos but keep the bass side lower. Not much adjustment needs to be made in order to feel a difference.
  12. ibis

    Flying V Makeover

    Nice work. I bet it sounds good as well as looks the schnizz!!
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