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A gorgeous Les Paul...no money to spend!


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The other day just for grins and giggles I went on Fleabay to see who was selling what regarding LP's. I guess I should not have done this.


I ran across a 1990 Standard, in near mint condition...candy apple red with gold hardware. To me, it was a stunning instrument. The guy was selling to reduce his collection. The bidding with about 30 minutes to go was up just over USD1500. His photos were good and it seemed the only crack in the finish was around the input plate.


I HAD to close my browser before I did something stupid!


I checked a few hours later to see what it finally sold for but it was no longer listed.


Now, candy apple red is not a color that I would normally go for sight unseen but this thing, with it's gold plating was gorgeous IMHO. Apparently CAR was a rare color for that year. It had the original case too.


Ah, well....

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