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Question re VOS on the SG Custom Reissue with Maestro


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The website page for this guitar says (sort of) that it is available in VOS or gloss white or faded cherry. My dealer says it is VOS only. I would order this guitar if not VOS as I only want to see real life aging, not chemically enhanced aging.


I'm sure attendees of this forum will know the correct answer. Thank you.



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VOS is more than just the finish.it is Vintage Original Spec. which has to do with the way the guitar is wired,parts used and aging of parts.

A gloss guitar will also have polished hardware. VOS has aged hardware. even the screws on a VOS guitar are aged. to look like they are rusted.some reissues come in both Vos and gloss,so that would give you aged hardware and dull paint(which can be wiped and polished up) or full gloss paint and polished hareware. Look at the Gibson web-site to see which is which and which ones Gibson has both types. That is why there is a difference in price. A lot of people buy the vos and polish it up them selfs. saves some money.

hope this helps you

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