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ES-355 Straplock Suggestions


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I am new to the forums, and extend one big "hello" to everyone.


I have a Gibson Custom Shop 355 on order (pictures coming soon) and after hearing many horror stories about axes slipping out of the strap and hitting the ground, I would like to install straplocks as a safety precaution.


Are there any straplocks that would not require new holes to be drilled? I hope to avoid that option if possible. Let me know what you think.


Rock on!

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Hi Jm_335, welcome to the forums.


This topic has been debated ad nauseum, fairly recently too. Try a search for 'straplock' or 'Schaller' and you'll be right on the money!


You are quite right to think about using straplocks. Its the first thing I do when I get a new guitar!

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