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Masterbilt similar to the EJ?


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Hey guys,


Just wondering if any of you happen to know whether or not Epiphone is planning on making a masterbilt acoustic similar to the EJ? I used to hate jumbo bodied acoustics, but I've become so used to (and happy with) my EJ that if I play anything other than a jumbo the sound isnt full enough. I think the quality of the EJ is incredible for the price, and a masterbilt similar to it would blow people away.

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There was an Elitist J200 several years ago, and you can occasionally find them for very good prices on eBay. Like the Elitist electrics, the Elitist acoustics were made in Japan using high quality materials. The models in this range were all Gibson copies (J200, J45, EL00), save the Texan, which was an Epiphone branded J45 variant that reached a zenith of popularity in the 1960's. The Masterbilt line was introduced as the Elitist acoustics were phased out. I've got three Elitist acoustics in my collection, and the quaility is quite good.


While certainly Gibson inspired (and Matin inspired, with all that abalone on the DRA and EFA models, and the EF body size) the Masterbilt acoutics have had their own unique identity from the beginning. They've never been marketed as being Epiphone versions of Gibson models (like most other Epis are). Nor were they copies of any Masterbilt or other flat tops models built by the pre-Gibson Epiphone company years ago (though they take some styling cues from them).


With that in mind, I don't think we're going to see any Masterbilt badged versions of any Gibson models (which the EJ is) soon. The Elitists suffered in that they had to be compared to their Gibson counterparts; as you've probably often seen on these forums, that's hard for one to do subjectively. The Masterbilts, having no direct Gibson counterparts, are more oftern evaluated on their own merits. That said, maybe Epi will choose to produce a super jumbo sized MB in the future. I'd like to see them take a whack at a parlor-sized guitar, myself.


Also, you might want to try a Masterbilt AJ or DR 500P (for maPle), as either of these would give you tonewood combination (spruce and maple) found in the EJs. Both Masterbilt AJ M and R models have a surprsingly big sound, though. The word "cannon" is overused to describe a guitar's projection, so I won't use it here, but the AJs would fit that description.


Red 333

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