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so my issues with the g400... monday i checked zzounds.com s site (history- first g400 came in damadged in 1/11 send back 1-14)... the g400s just came back in stock early!! so i called them to check if mine was being sent out yet... even though they recieved mine, they hadent credited me back yet ( they got it on the 18th). so they posted the credit to my card and did the reorder... WEDNESDAY my order was denied for bouncing my credit card limit becuase they credit still hadnt cleared and the card has a lower limit to avoid a lot of open credit being that i work beside a guitar center.. lol.. AND they charged me the new price. not the price i got it for.. and had that corrected.....) so my credit card is now locked. so i decide to use my debit card because i need to do this before they go back OUT OF STOCK again. so i get an email at 7 40 this morning that my debit was declined. WTF? so i call the bank--they entered in the wrong CID when i did the order... called zzounds back... got everything redone... reasons line the prior cluster F. are the reasons i didnt use the debit to begin with (i would be HEATED if i had 900 missing from my bank account and having to wait a week for the credits to post) ....


so the thing that annoys me--if the exchange was done properly in the first place- i would have the guitar tomorrow to enjoy on my day off saturday....


if they wouldnt have goofed my credit card, i would have it tomorrow as well.


if they woundlt have mistyped my debit CID, i would have it monday for my day off on tuesday to enjoy..


now- i may not have it till wed or thurs... cant enjoy next saturday because we will be going crazy getting our daughters 4th birthday in order...



i have nothing agaist ZZOUNDS.com at all- in fact i will be doing business with them in the future because everyone has been AWESOME that i have talked to on the phone... thisis just me ranting a little bit. i shopped for this guitar for a bout 6 months before purchasing and i am still nervous about it.. lol!!


being a lefty, its really hard to find products you like without paying a FORTUNE for them.

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Too bad you had so many problems.

Your buddy who has so much of your equipment must be one heck of a trusted good friend. Those are rare.


I learned a long time ago, never loan any equipment to a friend who's band has roadies. They beat the s*%t out of my guitar case and Super Reverb amp. Grrrrrrr


Looking forward to your pics.

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yeah, i have been best friend with the guy since probably 17 or 18... we played in a band for 2 years together and i had the equiptment at his house so i would only have to bring one guitar over there ... i didnt value my sheritan too much at the time (becuase at the time i had already had an epi les paul that was a total turd so i sent it back)so i assumed it was just a 600 dollar fake knock off 335 and didnt care that much(i was vein becuase i tought usa fenders, gibsons ans PRS and ric's were the ONLY REAL guitars and the sheritan was just a substitute for a 3500 dollar 335 ill never buy)i am lefty so i needed a guitar there and my mexi strat has always been a beater guitar and wanted something that looked cooler to keep over there for random jams...

shortly after our band fizzled for the last time, my girlfriend (now wife) and i moved into together and about a year later, had a baby and we just didnt really have room for any of my other stuff (11, 13 guitars and a mini stack take up a lot of room as it is, two huge amps and a nother guitar and all my effects and what not........) since we have owned our new house(nearly 2 years), timing just hasnt worked out to make arrangements to transport everything..... blah blah blah....



i have come to expect problems with ordering gear for myself.. i really dont think there is as much time put into quality control on lefty guitars UNLESS a lefty inspects them.. besides, my buddy has a decent job and takes care of EVERYTHING he has like its gold, so if anything ever happened to it, he would insist on replacing and upgrading all of it... its just how he is. id trust him with my life.. im excited to get the super six back... i didnt know that it was basically a more rare 6 speaker twin till recently when i was reserching twins......... i bought it cause it was a big vintage amp and i like the vibroluxes but wanted something old.. lol

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