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Late model Casino serial #

Jimi Shelter

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I own a blonde Epiphone Casino that has a one piece neck that is clearly mahogony. It has a Bigsby installed.

The serial number is R04F0253 and above that on the label reads "Casino NA", whatever that means. Has anyone got any info on what year this is? Is it clearly an '04?


When I bought it I was told that it had a mahogany neck unlike the earlier ones that had maple necks. I bought a Casino in '95 and I do recall that it had a very heavy neck and I was always worried about smackin' the headstock on something everytime I took my left hand off the neck. The one I own now is not like that. In the musicians friend catalog the regular Casino's neck material isn't identified,where as the Elitist states a one-piece mahogany neck like mine.

Do they all have mahogany necks now?

Did they every have maple necks?

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