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Valve special mods recomendations....

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1st post here I'm also from the older forum and have talked about this before.

I'm now ready to do my own mods on a already nice Valve Special. I'll have someone helping to supervise and make sure I don't murder myself. I'll start with what I know. I'll replace to OT with a Hammond 125dse. Tubes are already upgraded with Groove Tubes. And I using through a Carvin Legacy 2x12 cab. This is already a awesome tone running a Keealy type modded pedal I did myself.

So my questions start like this;

I was told by a repair guy in Atlanta that the boards should be removed and the amp should be point to point wired.

I guess this is the main flaw. Is this as hard as it sounds? What would I need to do to keep the Delay DSP effects, I actually like some of the Delays and the reverb. Id like more natural gain and head room. And would almost kill for an effects loop.

I know I'm probably asking toooooooo much of this little jem and way toooooo much of any of you who attempt to help me.

Anyhow, any efforts will be worshiped.... =D>

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The whole purpose of ripping the board out and starting from scratch is because the board and everything on it is not worth saving. Most folks who try to get good tone usually have to bypass the DSP entirely. And the reverb is part of that digital nightmare. This help, but you're still left with the other HUGE problem, and that's the piss poor quality of the board. No matter what repairs you do, they'll probably never last long enough to be worth doing in the first place.


I'd take your friend's advice. Sounds like he knows the score. Look at it this way, you got a great cab and chassis and a free PT and speaker to go with 'em. I know, because I bought a Valve Standard just for something to rebuild.



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