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What do I do with the leftovers?

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In my VJ, I'm replacing:


[*]The board

[*]The components

[*]The OT

[*]The PT

[*]The tubes


This leaves me with um. Hey you could build an amplifier out of what I've got left now, you know that? Just need the chassis and jacks. $15 jacks, a $5 piece of sheet metal and some wood to make a cabinet (isn't this Strangedogs' territory?)


I could actually probably sell the PT and OT for general use on eBay, and the board for people who want to spend $30 on a backup rather than getting a $45 TurretBoard and some new components if they FRY their VJ modding it up (who does that anyway?). Tubes... an EH and a JJ, sure, that set'll go for $20 right?


(I will solder in a fresh C4 when I'm done with the new board... ~_~ yeah, Trio mod, snapped C4 off as per instructions)


Could probably sell the kit for a good $70, which might be a little nicer than breaking it up (though I could break the tubes out, those are cheap anyway). Don't know, never sold stuff on eBay, dunno if it's worth it to recoup part of the build costs (around $349 and then $25 shipping, not including the tubes which I count as consumables anyway) of my amp.


(Then again, maybe I should just build a few more amps and resell them for $450 or so on eBay, no EL34. ...what? I'm business-minded. Besides, if it turns out awesome I wouldn't mind making sure a few fall into the hands of someone who can actually play but fear 900 degree metal... ohmygod did I mention the FUMES from the flux got in my EYES and BURNED LIKE HELL???? Safety goggles dammit!)

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