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ryan adams' epi


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"not exactly sure what year that epiphone is. it's not a very good sounding guitar so i've never really looked at it much...he has alot of bad ones and it always puzzles me...i guess that frontier is late 60's"


"as for acoustics, ryan usually just plays whatever is in front of him and sounds incredible...ryan's famous guild with the indianapolis speedway sticker is something from the 70's i think. kind of a stiff feeling guitar to me, but it's got loads of vibe, a cool sound, and i do quite like it. it's pretty beat up though, so he's retired it from the road. graboff has a couple of SICK martins, a 1949 d-28, and a 1938 d-18. you play these guitars and realize that there is a MASSIVE difference between good guitars and great ones."

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