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Epiphone AJ 45 63 Re-Issue


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hi...I own two Epiphones: a Revolution Casino & an AJ-18SVS. I'm considering adding the AJ45 re-issue as musiciansfriend has a blem for sale.


Does anyone actually own one? Are the tuners the white button type as it appears in the add, because I've seen some pics with what seems to be Grovers.


Is the neck wider than the AJ 18?


Is the tone somewhat akin to the Gibby 45?



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The one advertised at MF is listed as having a 1.725 nut width' date=' and 24.75 scale neck, but some of the reviews elsewhere claim that it's a 25.5 scale with a 1.68 nut width. Can anyone shed light on the situation?[/quote']


The older version with the white plastic button tuners and no neck binding is the shorter scale. The one currently at MF, though incorrectly pictured, has the longer scale with neck binding and chrome Grover tuners.

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