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Unknown Epiphone 6 String Bass - Please help me identify it!


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I purchased this Bass second hand about 9 years ago from a guy in Sydney. He told me that he got it from the Gibson factory in America. I have no idea what model it is or what the story is of this Bass or where it comes from. It's been pretty hard to find any information about this bass on the net.


I guess it makes me think - Is it a real Epiphone. I took it to a music shop to have it looked at, and they thought the componentry looked pretty simular to what Epiphone produce in other models.


It looks similar to a Embassy Standard-V. Any ideas what it could be?


The serial number is S4105589.


Images are below










Any information you could tell me about this bass would be appreciated.


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Nice Bass! That is an Epi Expert 6 - From the EBM series made in the 90's.

I did a wiki on the EBM series here:







Hope this helps.


If anyone has any anicdotal history of this series, I would love to hear it and possibly add it to my wiki.

I'm in love with these basses.


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Oh yeah, here is Gibson's spec page for the Expert 6



Are you sure that serial # is right? It doesnt check out with the Guitar Dater Project. I'll have to take a look at mine when I get home. It might not even be in the GDP database. My curiousity has been piqued about where these were made. I'm thinking Samick/Korea because of The "S" in the serial #.

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My Sn is: S4051001.


Not far off from yours. Only about 5 months difference. I'm curious about how many were made and how many years as well. I've only found two of these for sale on the internet over the past few years. Sadly, they didnt sell for much even though they were almost $1000 US list price new. I bought mine as new/old stock in 1999. The price tag said $999 list. I got it out the door for $500 even.


HA! I guess my wiki is wrong. I thought they started production in 1996. I'm betting it's more like '93 or '94.

I see lots of the EBM-4's and considerably less Ebm-5's for sale through ebay and craigslist mostly. But rarely the Expert-6. I always have my eyes open for them...just to see whats out there.


i cant say that they will ever be worth anything, but they are definately a rarity.

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