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I joined a Stones cover band and none of my 4 Fenders seem to meld well on the older material. So, I picked one of these up and it sounds freaking fantastic! The bottom is incredible.


The intonation is slightly off and my question is about the bridge. Each string has 4 allen screws. The top two obviously adjust string height. Then there is an allen screw below those set on an angle that apparently holds the piece from moving forward and backward, i.e. for intonation. But, there is also a screw at the front of the piece whose purpose baffles me. Anyone know it's purpose?




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Well ,Don

Not knowing what one of these is ? But any way of some bridges

there is a set screw to lock the saddles in place after you make

the adjustments to them ..

I hope this helps,But as you posted it is hard not knowing just what you have ..

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Thanks, Rockin_Dude. It's a Les Paul Special Bass (as it says in the subject). I assume the angled screw is the one that locks things in place. The one in front is baffling. I'll try to upload some pics of it later today.

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Ok' date=' no rush ,lol

But then again,by now you got it figured out ..

I read the title of the post ,but then you started off with fender ...

soo,guess your good to go now? all set .[/quote']


Not really. =D> I tried taking pictures but I'm not a very good photographer and the bridge is black. I can probably figure it out by taking a string off and removing/inspecting a saddle, but if anyone already happens to know the purpose of those screws, I'd appreciate it.


The arrows are pointing to the two allen screws in question.




Here's a close up of the sides screws:




And here's a close up of the front mystery screws:



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Ok, The two closest to the PU

Raise the saddle ,both will be used to raise them adjust the left and right for the curve of your neck,

Next in line behind them is the locking set screw ,after all adjustments are made this will lock the saddle from moving

in or out,from the end this one is used to set intonation of that string.

i hope this helps you

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Thanks, Rockin_Dude. Your input is much appreciated. I changed strings and got a closer look at the saddle pieces and you are right on. So, the intonation is set. I really like this bass a lot and will be gigging with it tonight for the first time. I've got 8 basses, this is the second least expensive, and I find myself reaching for it most of the time. What a fun bass to play, and it has a beautiful low end.

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