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New Addition to the family


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A few days back I posted about the purchase of a Elitist LP custom from Sam Ash. It

arrived yesterday, 2 days after purchase. I know this is a honeymoon period with this guitar but wanted to

let you know about the in box quality. I paid 23.00 for Fed Ex 2 day service from Tampa to Upper Michigan.

The guitar was double boxed with the factory box nestled nicely in a outer box.The inner factory box was unbroken and not a ding or tear to it. Amen!!! Now the good part, the guitar, Alpine white was perfect. This guitar was set up, frets dressed, pkups set right, NOT a blemish on it. It is AMAZING. I plugged her into a Blues Junior, awesome! I put her through a Vox Valvetronics 50, and a Epi Valve JR. I love the pick ups.The only thing I will do is add strap locks and lower the strings a fraction. Oh yeah and add slinky 10's.

I have been layed up for a few months with a blood blockage in thigh that needed surgury. I'm back now and

will start a 2 week 8 show club gig June 20. I'm sitting in for a guy going on his honeymoon. I still gig once and

a while and do studio time for a few bands. Looking forward to the shows. The band is a Southern rock band

I have done work with in the past.

As far as this guitar I will bring it to the shows with my Hghwy one modded Tele, Epi lp standard modded .

I know there has been many post of Gibson Vs Elitist. I own a Gibby studio and I'm here to tell you, So FAR I

beleive these guitars compete with Gibson. Great quality from these guitars from Japan. I've got my eye on a Ibanez RG from Japan. Will get some pics posted when I get the chance.



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Glad to hear the new axe is all you were hoping for. But then again' date=' that's Elitists for you. Looking forward to some pix.[/quote']


I know you said you were thinkin bout getting one. Man no hype, truley a great guitar. If the times right for you

pull the trigger. I did hear that most dealers only have the ebony model. I quess ETA is around Aug for the white.

I would love to have the wine color but the Alpine is pretty hot lookin. Good Luck.


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