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  1. Just for the record, you can easily remove the 'Joe Pass' signature from your pickguard using a rag or paper towel dipped in auto brake fluid. The brake fluid will not affect the pickguard material in any way.
  2. Most likely the seller is an idiot. Note he's also starting bids at $225 for a headless guitar that is also missing a pickup. Bad enough if it was just broken but unless the busted headstock is included (and I don't think it is) it's kind of worthless. The cost to fabricate and attach a new headstock... oy.
  3. Me too. Also, again, maybe the picture angle but the body contour seems a little... off. Upper bout and cutaway look weird.
  4. The finish on an Epi would be polyester.
  5. Be interesting to see how many people will spring for a re-wire job. PCBs... connectors... all great for ease of manufacturing but reliability takes a hit in return. The switch connector is the first thing to go when I buy an Epi... I hate the things. Considering the prices on these things, I don't think hand wiring is too much to ask.
  6. The best part about the Firechicken is that they got the pickups right. They blew it on the Riviera, the Sheraton and most especially the Wilshire, though. I can kind of understand that they may have been worried that people might be less interested in the Riv and the Sheri without full-sized HBs, but without the mini-hums the Wilshire is just a very ugly G-400.
  7. It's not unusual for products announced at NAMM to take anywhere up to nine months to hit the stores, although usually it's a lot faster than that. In other words, you should be seeing Thunderchicken Pros any day now..
  8. You know.. that does look like ebony. Kewl guitar.
  9. Guitar Center is kind of like the Walmart of music stores. What do you expect?
  10. RotcanX


    If you want it to be cool, don't waste your time wih 490R/498T pickups. Get some '57 Classics or Burstbuckers.
  11. Havong seen a few SXs over the years I will give you that they are excellent guitars for the price... but when you say the necks are identical I can't help but wonder what you've been smoking. And the hardware is cruddy low-grade crap compared to the CV.
  12. The only problem I would foresee would be getting rid of the RIAA equalization curve which emphasizes the hell out of the bass.
  13. More likely dark rosewood... can we see some pix?
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